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Common Issues Concerning The Garage Door

Obviously whoever invented the garage did us all a favor in making us have a convenient room in the house with a removable, self storing wall that also doubles as a door during garage door repair. This space we use daily is so useful and simple, and at the same time it seems to be a large and fascinating mechanical puzzle. Just like in a real jigsaw puzzle, it's possible that at some time, some of the pieces won't fit as expected. Either because they are broken, misplaced or not properly oriented.

If we talk about garage doors during garage door repair, there are a lot of components interacting in a fine balance that must be preserved. When something's missing or malfunctioning it can cause us a lot of frustration or stress to not understand how to manage that.

Here are some of the most common problems encountered while operating a garage door during garage door repair.

Batteries: Okay, this is really basic. If your controller is out of power, you can't communicate with the motor that opens the door. And logically it can't answer you if the request wasn't even heard.

There's an obstacle: Why is my door not sealed? Well, it would be a good idea to check the surroundings of the door, especially the walls near the closure. If there's something in the way, as simple as it is it won't work properly. This is the moment to look for some other place to keep your hockey stick collection.

Springs: You push the button of your controller, it displays a little light meaning that it's got batteries on, you see lights on the motor as well, listen the belts moving and everything seems to be running well… but the door remains perfectly shut. The spring, which is the muscle to your system, might be broken. This vital part of the mechanism has a useful life and ends up breaking after about 10,000 cycles of use for the tension springs and around 20,000 for torsion springs.

This type of work needs to be done in the right manner. Otherwise, the consequences can be severe for real. For example, if the opener of the garage door is not installed in the right manner, it can lead the way for serious personal entrapment and injury. This type of garage door can even destroy the items that you have kept at the garage area. You will surely not like to come across this type of situation!

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